Alangu Mastiff India Dog

Alangu Mastiff India Dog

Alangu Mastiff India Dog

This very impressive dog is from INDIA, The Alangu Mastiff is generally found in the regions of Thanjavur and Tiruchin (South).
The dog has an ancient history. Similar type of breed was used by the Persians as war dogs. The breed probably originated in the Punjab region of India and became a favorite of the Mughal nobility as a war and hunting dog. It received huge patronage from the nobility as a result of which the breed was in great demand in medieval India. However, it lost some of its importance when cheetah was replaced for hunting purposes.

Later on, it was used and is still used primarily as a guard dog. A very similar breed is found in Pakistan by the name ‘BULLI KUTTA’. This is also a very good hunting dog and can be easily found in rural areas where village folks use them for ‘DOG FIGHTS. Although this sort of entertainment is totally illegal in both the countries, yet it is a common practice among the rural folks to participate in dog fights with their prized mastiffs for the sake of entertainment and for earning money through betting.

Indian Alangu mastiffs are red or tan with a very prominent black muzzle. It has a massive head with very small ears. The chest is deep and the limbs are well muscled.

This breed is quite sharp and very alert. It is inappropriate to keep this breed in a confined space as it needs wide open space for exercise. This breed is quite ferocious and requires careful handling. It is a very hardy and a robust breed and can survive without much care.


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