Rajapalayam Dog

Rajapalayam Dog

Rajapalayam Dog

What we see in this video is a very special look at Indian dogs: the dog is usually called the Grateful Life. The dog is the best guard in the house.Puppies are cute to look at and look great for dogs. A home-grown dog can give life to its masters. Never bite.Safe in all situations. Indian dogs are better than foreign dogs in their loyalty to their masters.Let us get to the subject. There are over 350 breed dogs recognized in the world. Six of them are Indian dogs. There.Of these 6 varieties, Rajabhalayam, Virgo. The dogs of Chipparaparai and Kombai are from Tamil Nadu.

Belongs to the Indian hunting dog genre. Rajapalayam is also known as the Rajapalayam dog because of its abundance in the area.

The dog is found in black and white brown.A well-groomed large dog can stand 65 to 75 cm tall.Rajapalayam was brought to Tamil Nadu from Andhra Pradesh by the Vijayanagara kings of the Nayakkar dynasty.Was used heavily in the war against the English. The battle rages on and the horse’s hind legs are severely damaged.Its eyes are brown, silver and purple. Wild pigs have been increasingly used to hunt.

Dog breeding today is distracted by foreign lusts. Foreign dogs are more expensive to care for than domestic dogs. And in another video we will see another type of Indian dogs. Inaintirunkal.


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