The Rajapalayam dog breed

The Rajapalayam dog breed

The Rajapalayam dog breed

The Rajapalayam breed might not be very popular like a Labrador Retriever or a German Shepherd,
but this hound type dog is on par with those breed in terms of practicality, durability, and athleticism.

Originated in Southern-India, the Rajapalayam dogs are immensely well-built and sturdy canines who are also quite handsome to look at.

They were bred to be exceptional hunters and were also very loyal to their masters. And, all these qualities are still intact in these dogs.

The Rajapalayam dog breed:

The Rajapalyam dogs are really good companions as they are fairly obedient in nature and are always eager to please their owners.

They also are highly territorial and possess a decent watchdog ability which enables them to be fantastic guard dogs and protectors of their families.

They don’t easily trust a stranger and remain quite alert and aware of their surroundings and hence it is a good idea to start socializing this breed at a young age.

It is good for them if they are properly introduced to a bunch of people as early as possible so that they can later properly differentiate between an actual stranger and someone who is friendly but not that well-known to them.

The Rajapalayam dog breed:

The only concerning thing about the Rajapalayam dogs is that their numbers are pretty low and that’s why their availability in the country is also below average.

There are just a few pockets of these dogs present in the southern state of India, Tamil Nadu.

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